My Rigs

My Rigs
Past, Present, and ?Future?

My first truck was an 87 Toyota pickup. I learned on this one that anything newer than an 85 was a waste of money as far as suspension goes. I learned a lot about what to do with a truck and how to do it on this one. I also learned that semi trucks own the road (see the picture below with the damage, that was the semi's trailer going over my pickup).
This one I added nerf bars and a bed liner to (in the future it will always be rino/linex lined). I did some other little stuff but its not really worth mentioning.

My next rig was an 84 Toyota excab pickup. I looked all over for an 85 or a first gen but I couldn't find any of either in an extended cab. I wanted that because its really cramped with a 12" sub box behind your seat.
I found out they don't make the first generation pickups in extended cab and well,. . . trying to find someone willing to sell an 85 pickup thats not trashed is near impossible anyway, excab or not.
This truck I put in the 4" suspension lift (all springs) with new longer shocks. I also had to extend the rear driveline because of the lift. The gearing was already at 4.88 so I didn't have to worry about that. I replaced the front bumper with the one that is on it in the pictures, my shop builds tow truck pushbumpers so I had this baby built the same way with 1/4" steel and I added the light slots, mounts for the lights (top), and incorporated the front tow hitch (the license plate is actually on a tow hitch mount).
If I was to keep going with this truck I would have added an inline 6 motor out of a late 80's Toyota cresseda (the same motor in the supra but with torque cams). It bolts right in and fits up the manual transmission great. Now my brother will benefit from that purchase.
I also installed a complete Rockford Fosgate system in the truck. I had the deck, sub, amp and some 6X9s. I learned on this one the alarm system is always a good idea even on a jacked up mid 80's pickup. I did get the deck back at least.

Now I am starting on an 85 Toyota Landcruiser (FJ60). The first picture is from the original owner. There are also a couple more pictures of the progress/digress Iíve made.
The main reasons I went with the Landcruiser over a 4runner are pretty simple. First off, common any rig that can fit 35s stock just takes the cake (Iíve tried, they fit, don't hit a bump). I also like the landcruiser history (4x4ing abilities), the FJ60 series has the same running gear as the FJ40's, it comes stock with an inline6 and its really not that much bigger than a 4runner anyway (couple inches wider and longer). Plus with the year ranges I was looking at, I had more years for a cruiser than a 4runner with the straight axles, the prices were similar for the year ranges, and well the cruisers have that whole cult following so I know if there's something I'm going to need for it. There IS someone out there that makes it.

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